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ByBenavente: Founder

Hello visitors,

I wanted to update you all on my life in the past few months since I started ByBenavente. I am currently in Boston, MA finishing my BA in Business of Creative Enterprises at Emerson College. Being a student-athlete has been the most grounding and developmental factor of my college experience. As a 3 year All-Conference Captain, I have learned how to lead with ambition, discipline, and example. I took that coupled with my passion in business and marketing and dove into as much as I possibly could at Emerson. I have been the head of marketing at Emerson Mane Events, marketing assistant at Emerson Fashion Society/ INDEX Mag, and developed/pitched a company, that won the Spirit Award, for the E3 minor program. While in college, I did the most to learn, experience a new life, and have fun. I feel these three areas made me differentiate who I really am, and really own up to what I am capable of. I have worked and interned for e-commerce jewelry company Aurifame; Emerson Women's Soccer as the social media manager; serial entrepreneur, marketing director/intern for Full Court 21, sneaker center host/director, film-maker, and DJ Bobbito Garcia; TribaVision Marketing Agency as a marketing intern, to ByBenavente LLC the company I founded and launched digitally here in March of 2020. When listing these out I realized how diverse and professional my experience already is, and it makes me proud of what I have accomplished so far.

The past 4 years flew by but they have shown me how I am the master of my circumstances. With Covid-19, the world is so unpredictable but I have chosen to control what I can. My plans with ByBenavente is to grow the brand awareness and acquire a list of clients. I want to continue this work and help small business develop their story, messaging, and brand. As a soon to be Grad (December 2020), I aim to elevate what I have started showcasing what I can execute to potential clients. Overall,

I appreciate the love and support by those around me. If you are willing to give my skill-set, creativity, and ambition a chance I know I won't disappoint you.

Best Regards,

Amanda Benavente

Founder of ByBenavente LLC

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