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90's Style Trends That Are BACK

There's no denying that fashion trends come in and out, but 2021 seems to be a year where anything and EVERYTHING can be worn. People all over social media are bright and ballsy with their style, dabbing into colors, layers, fabrics, multi-decade looks, and more. Through observation across all the social media platforms, I found that a majority of the influence for today's women's wear comes from the 90's. Items such as sweater vests, plaid/pleaded skirts, oversized tees, collared shirts, crew necks, dad sneakers, and more are HOT. Lifestyle Asia even noted that "baggy jeans and the minimalist jewelry given the XXL treatment, [are] coming back into the spotlight" in 2021! We all know that the 90's had it's downfalls as far as fashion goes, but it also had a lot of iconic looks! Now we get to rock those iconic looks this year with our own flare!

Below I featured a curated 90s fashion mood board that we should all try out this year. ⭐

🎀 A list of key pieces that you need in your wardrobe this year 🎀

- Baggy Denim/Mom Jeans/Boyfriend Jeans

- Gold Chunky Hoops & Chains

- Plaid Skirts

- Sweater Vests

- Graphic Tees & Crew Necks

- Couture Finds

- Plaid Oversized Button Downs/Jackets

- Collared Shirts

- Colorful button-downs

- Crop Tops w Baggy Jeans

- Skirts and Crew necks

- Bucket Hats

- Dad Shoes

- Statement Purses (over the shoulder)

- SneakerHead Pieces - like Jordan 1s, Airforce 1s, etc.

Have a great day!

By Benavente❤️

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