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Introducing ByBenavente

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Hi all, my name is Amanda Benavente. I am a 21 year old entrepreneur, ready to set on a new journey within the marketing industry! I am announcing that I have officially founded my own company By Benavente. A stylist digital focused marketing companies that seeks to help companies grow and build their online presence/ brand awareness. My background in marketing is based around my experience working with many different people/ brands like public figure Bobbito Garcia, managing accounts for an NCAA sports team, and creating & curating content for small businesses like architectural design firm BE DESIGN. My scope in industries that I can work with is not limited, and my plan is to help as many people and companies as I can. Showing them how to use the online platforms and outlets they have right in front of them. As a creative and artistic individual, I want to use these characteristics alongside my marketing skills to help build and develop brands. Making a clear story and portraying it with the right messaging and aesthetic that fits their product/services. I plan to utilize Summer 2020 to boost my own brand awareness and gain some clients and turn this freelance side job full throttle. I want to make companies feel at ease knowing all their marketing needs will be taken care of, by "By Benavente." With so many unique ways to get brands and companies out there, it takes strategy, campaign building, planning, and research to really make an impact in a company's marketing approach. By Benavente will take care of all these needs. Stay tune for more to come!

- By Benavente

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